A Fresh POV on Working in Public Relations: Q&A With Grasslands’ Cannabis PR Intern Andre Hascall

Cannabis marketing intern in office.

“I honestly couldn’t think of a better internship for me to be in”

In June 2021, Grasslands launched our new Diversity-in-Marketing internship program. Now, at the conclusion of a 12-week run, we’re happy to report that this year’s internships were a tremendous success for both our interns and our entire team. 

This paid internship program is part of our Indigenous-owned agency’s commitment to attract, develop and retain diverse, high-potential early-career marcom talent. 

Our Founder and CEO, Ricardo Baca, started his 20-year career in journalism with an internship that offered valuable opportunities for professional development, and this is our agency’s way of paying it forward. He recognizes the challenges of forging a career path out of school and the value of having a head start in developing a professional network and learning exactly what it’s like to work at a fast-paced agency. 

Here, Grasslands Public Relations Intern Andre Hascall tells us about his experience, what he learned and how the internship helped launch him into full-time PR work at Grasslands.

Visit our Careers page to learn more about open positions at Grasslands and the Diversity-in-Marketing internship program

What’s your biggest takeaway from your internship?

The best way I can describe my time as an intern is it was mutually beneficial. I was able to contribute to the team more than I initially thought I could. All of my colleagues have been great at helping me along the way with feedback in real time, which I am very appreciative of. Overall, I picked up and honed skills that will advance me throughout my public relations career.

What was the most meaningful work you did during this internship?

It’s difficult to choose anything specific as I enjoyed working with multiple accounts. However, one moment that sticks out to me is when I secured an opportunity in Politico for one of my clients. 

What did you learn from this internship?

I learned how communication works in an agency, both internally and externally. How to properly build media lists as well as the development and distribution of pitches. In my time at Grasslands I’ve noticed my writing skills have improved and my ability to talk about the cannabis industry as a whole has grown. 

What did you contribute during this internship?

I was able to contribute in multiple ways, such as communicating with journalists to coordinate media opportunities. I added original ideas to communications strategies for some of our clients. I kept my accounts running smoothly when account leads were on short vacations. Overall, I did just about everything in account support while I interned.

Is there anything you would change about the internship?

I honestly couldn’t think of a better internship for me to be in. The company seemed like a perfect match, with my journalism degree and my interests in the cannabis industry. I learned a lot and was able to contribute every day. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I feel like five years will be here in no time, but I think I could still be working at Grasslands and if not, I expect to be working on starting my own agency. I always entertain the idea of having a sports & culture podcast as a side hustle.

How has this internship helped shape your professional goals?

I was immediately intrigued once I learned about public relations in cannabis. During this internship I learned so much about the industry and the growth trajectory it is on. I wouldn’t want to be a part of another industry after learning all that I have and the current state of cannabis in politics. I thought of being my own boss one day, and this internship has helped me find my niche in public relations.

What’s next for you after this internship?

I am accepting a full-time position as an account coordinator at Grasslands.  I love the atmosphere at the company and the city of Denver; this is the perfect place for me to kick off my public relations career.

What is the Power Behind Cannabis PR and Event Marketing?

With the right PR and cannabis event marketing strategy, you can build your network, gain exposure and make invaluable connections

Table of Contents

What Is Cannabis Public Relations and Event Marketing All About?

Cannabis Public Relations and Event Marketing are two powerful tools that can be used together to grow your media presence and connections within the cannabis industry to create an invaluable network of colleagues, collaborators and partners. 

A holistic PR strategy can generate immediate business-boosting results when the multifaceted approach includes virtual and in-person events.

How Can a Good Cannabis PR Strategy Help Your Business?

You know that old saying any press is good press? Well, that’s not entirely true, especially for emerging brands and businesses. So the main reason strategic PR is so useful to any business is the power it has to control the narrative about your brand. And this process alone is especially crucial given the current state of the cannabis industry. 

Strict cannabis advertising rules from national advertisers, Google and Facebook keep businesses from being able to market and sell products in a direct way. Meanwhile, the marketplace is saturated with competitors that may have more presence, budget and connections than other contenders within the space.

To counter these advertising limitations and fierce competitors, it’s crucial to use PR tactics to get your business into the media cycle and spotlight its main differentiators through the lens of journalists and media influencers to gain earned-media relevance. In fact, good PR is so important to growing businesses, the current value of the PR market is estimated to surpass $93 billion by 2022. That’s a lot of story pitches! 

How Does Event Marketing Fit Into PR Strategy?

Like PR, there’s an old saying that applies to the power of event marketing: It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know. Because when it comes down to growing your business, you’ll need the right connections. A business without a network is one without support. So imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have anyone to call on for advice, guidance or even supplies when a little help could mean more leads and sales. 

Through events, you have a prime opportunity to make your brand seen, heard and remembered while also developing a business network of industry peers and partners. It all starts with hosting a must-attend event that brings together business leaders, industry insiders, media and more. 

Before the pandemic, the private event planning market had generated nearly $5 billion dollars in value according to Statista. Now, the very nature of in-person events has changed, but they’re not extinct—far from it.  

At the same time, virtual events have really taken off. From webinars and online speaking engagements to even casual happy hour hangs, the virtual space is a great way to continue making connections and spotlighting your brand, even when hosting an in-person event isn’t possible. 

How Can You Host the Ultimate Cannabis Event?

Coordinating interviews and media outreach are part of the cannabis PR game, sure, but so are must-attend events. Curated, exclusive event marketing can turn a company from nothing into something based on the fact that an event brings together influential people. You can sell your brand in real time to fellow humans.

With Event Marketing, you get to demo the wares, show your expertise and cement interest with a memorable good time. From this, you can generate useful connections and potential business leads, just from one night of having fun and chatting cannabis. 

Here are a few tips to throw the ultimate in-person cannabis event:

  • Devote part of your marketing budget toward an annual event
  • Book your venue at least one year out from the event 
  • Create a social media and content campaign around your party
  • Make your event invite-only to curate the guest list, theme and vibe
  • Compile a dedicated guest list and send personal invitations and RSVPs to each guest
  • Get extra funding for your event by finding sponsors
  • Give sponsors the opportunity to promote their own brand while supporting yours
  • Create fun, branded activations that sponsors and attendees can engage in (e.g. photo booths and interactive exhibits)
  • Create specific and informative speaking engagements to add value
  • Bring on the food and entertainment by budgeting for catering and a DJ or band 
  • Spotlight and celebrate your guests with an opening or closing toast
  • Partner with Lyft, Uber or invest in ride-share coupons to ensure safe travel
  • If you’re planning a destination event, partner with a nearby hotel to offer guests discounted lodging 
Have You Found the Right PR and Event Professionals?

At Grasslands, we have a unique perspective on cannabis PR because we are a Journalism-Minded Agency™ that grew out of our Founder and CEO Ricardo Baca’s years at The Cannabist as America’s first-ever Marijuana Editor for a major mainstream news organization (The Denver Post)

Our team of PR and Content Marketing specialists have built targeted media networks that can help you establish a solid strategy to illuminate your brand on the national level. 

We also love creating high-level networking events like The Grasslands Party. Our events bring together top minds in cannabis and we’ve been all over: Boston, New Orleans, Oakland, Toronto, Denver, Austin and Las Vegas so far. By hosting this exclusive bash and helping entrepreneurs and business leaders from across the country expand their networks and elevate countless brands, we know what it takes to run a successful event.

Let’s chat about how to incorporate PR and cannabis event marketing into your business plan and amp up your brand. 

What is Cannabis Marketing?

cannabis marketing at Grasslands: A Journalism Minded Agency

Here’s How Cannabis Marketing Can Help Your Brand Succeed and Grow in an Oversaturated Industry

Table of Contents

What Is Cannabis Marketing?
What Is the Current State of the Cannabis Industry?
What Are Cannabis Advertising Rules? 
Why Is Marketing Cannabis so Important? 
What Are Essential Content Marketing Services?
What Is the Purpose of Cannabis SEO?
What Is Cannabis Content Marketing, Exactly? 
Why Is Cannabis Social Media so Necessary? 
Why Are Cannabis Influencers Coveted?
How Should Cannabis PR and Event Marketing Be Utilized?
What Makes a Powerful Cannabis Brand?
What Is the Key to Finding a Cannabis Buyer Persona?
How Can Fluent Marketing Help My Cannabis Brand?
What do Cannabis Marketing Experts Have to Say?
Does Your Marketing Agency Have Cannabis Fluency?

What Is Cannabis Marketing? 

Cannabis marketing uses a variety of strategic tools to grow businesses within a booming industry that isn’t slowing down. An agency that is fluent in cannabis excels in this space by using a combination of public relations, specialized content marketing, events, social media and influencers to generate targeted buzz and amplify brand awareness. 

Working with an agency that has deep industry knowledge and a savvy approach to marketing and digital advertising can help established companies, emerging brands and ancillary businesses flourish in the face of fierce competition. 

What is the Current State of the Cannabis Industry? 

Right now, cannabis is flexing its economic potential as an in-demand commodity—one that is fueling a nationwide industry whose value continues to grow by billions of dollars every year. It appears the end of federal prohibition is drawing near and millions of American adults support the legalization of cannabis in some form to be used for health and wellness, self-care or recreational enjoyment. At the same time, an overwhelming majority of states have enacted cannabis law reforms, from decriminalization and record expungement to creating regulated marketplaces. If it isn’t evident, the demand is real and skyrocketing. 

What Are Cannabis Advertising Rules?

With all the talk about pending legalization on the state and federal level, and new freedoms being granted to plant-lovers everywhere, it’s easy to gloss over one very important detail: Because cannabis is still illegal on the federal level, many national advertisers and advertising platforms aren’t willing to promote THC products out of fear of government intervention. 

Meanwhile, state-level advertisers feel the same way. In Colorado, one of the first states where recreational marijuana was legalized by voters back in 2012, a hard set of rules ensures no marijuana-related advertisements reach audiences under 21 years of age.  

These types of regulations mean that trying to market and sell cannabis is not simple. Many cannabis businesses can’t let products be displayed, shown or really talked about on many of the most viable marketing and advertising channels, including traditional media, all the way up to digital giants such as Google and Facebook. 

Why Is Marketing Cannabis So Important?

Plant-touching companies (which are defined as cultivators, product manufacturers and retailers) remain under the scrutiny of the federal spyglass and basically have to market their products blindly. Many legitimate ventures get stuck promoting premium products via billboards, print ads and fliers. 

To counter such limited advertising channels and taking these shots in the dark, good marketing is crucial. Executing on a comprehensive cannabis marketing strategy is the only real way for budding businesses and new entrants into a market to draw in the right audiences and connect with potential customers in a meaningful way. 

What Are Essential Cannabis Marketing Services?

At a glance, cannabis marketing uses a number of components to reach both broad and niche audiences, including:

• Content Marketing
• Inbound Marketing
• Branding
• Curated Events
• Cannabis PR
• UX/UI Design

What Is the Purpose of Cannabis SEO? 

As a cannabis business or brand, breaking through the noise isn’t just about having a special product or service—it’s about being seen! Before something can be tried out, then appreciated or adored, it has to be discovered. While differentiators count in a crowd, if a company isn’t being found on search engines, trying to compete is a moot point. 

That old saying “ask and ye shall receive” has never been more true than with current search engines, including the most-used and ubiquitous of them all, Google. When someone hops online to ask a question or find a piece of information, the engine crawls billions of websites and pages of content to find the most relevant and useful results for that particular search inquiry. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the continual process of ensuring that your site meets the search standards of Google and other engines’ algorithms to rank highly as both relevant and useful content. Beyond ensuring your website meets all the proper technical SEO specifications like having a sitemap, structured data, inbound/outbound links, canonical tags and 404 pages, cannabis content marketing is your best means to breakthrough in search rankings and get discovered by the right audiences.

What Is Cannabis Content Marketing, Exactly?

As the backbone to great SEO, content marketing is one of the best ways a brand can begin to not only own space on the internet, but gain a dedicated following of customers. Using an informative approach, the best cannabis content marketing clusters pieces of content together using relevant search term keywords and tidbits of knowledge that draw searchers in and appease the Google algorithm gods. 

Effective content marketing in the cannabis space starts with capitalizing on useful, compelling content that is not only trending, but meets a search engine’s primary objective to point search users to content that shows “expertise,” “authoritativeness” and “trustworthiness”—otherwise known as EAT. 

Just as this text is being sourced here, SEM Rush defines EAT as content that must be informative and answer questions through authentic, factual information. No more link farms or spammy blog trash reading, just easy-to-comprehend text and knowledgeable videos from experts in the field. This plays right into SEO too.

Why Is Cannabis Social Media so Necessary? 

The content marketing space can’t just exist on websites alone, however. Bustling social media platforms have become one of the most essential ways to market a cannabis business. With advertising restrictions comes a need to reach niche audiences directly and social media meets that, tenfold.

Despite not being able to directly sell or solicit products or services, cannabis brands can use spaces like Instagram to show off the goods and garner interest, to the tune of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of followers. 

This is an exciting prospect for companies trying to get clout among the canna-curious and veteran consumers. However, there’s a delicate balance to maintain when presenting cannabis products on social media to avoid getting an account banned for violating a platform’s community standards.

At the same time, a handful of cannabis connoisseurs have found a way to leverage social media to build a brand around themselves and use it as a springboard for promoting hundreds of products. Enter the cannabis influencers. 

Why Are Cannabis Influencers Coveted?

With the power to gain tons of followers by marketing a certain image or lifestyle to niche audiences, social media influencers have become beyond important to promoting cannabis culture.

This is because some of the best marketing comes from word of mouth, like a recommendation from not only a trusted source, but a respected or admired one. This includes family, friends and most definitely celebrities. And with the very idea of “celebrity” shifting from the silver screen to the Instagram grid or TikTok feed, influencers have become overly valuable, idealized tastemakers who can make or break brands. 

It turns out that trust goes a long way when it comes to selling more. This same rule applies to trusted media outlets and in-person events. 

How Should Cannabis PR and Event Marketing Be Utilized?

Considering that cannabis advertising is so limited, effective public relations can be key for raising brand awareness. And having an agency’s knowledge and support is also critical for handling crisis communications if the need arises. 

By having a team of savvy publicists connected to a network of journalists and publications, a brand can disseminate valuable information to cannabis journalists who are hungry for a story and ready to report it. 

Event marketing is also crucial for elevating brand awareness. Between large-scale expos and conventions down to curated, exclusive events, companies can get in front of niche audiences to demo new products, flex their knowledge and draw people in with fun displays of innovation. Tying events in with future marketing goals and generating lasting connections through social media or newsletter sign-ups makes for unbeatable marketing presence. 

And just like event marketing has been able to reshape the landscape by bringing together some of the most important industry veterans with new entrants, cannabis journalism has brought a standard of legitimacy and accountability to the entire market. Both elements allow brands to be understood in whole new ways. 

What Makes a Powerful Cannabis Brand?

With a booming cannabis market comes some very stiff competition. With so many new states hopping on board with cannabis, new brands are cropping up like dandelions without much direction. 

Knowing the right messages and ways to broadcast them are the first steps in building out a brand that will keep audiences engaged and enthused. By digging into target market research and competitor analysis, this in-depth process defines what types of messages will hook in potential customers, just as much as helping a brand stand out among the many others in the crowd. 

Branding is about defining the “you” within a business right down to its personality and values. Think of scarfing down a McDonald’s hamburger. On one hand, the end product is a quick meal, but it also comes with the underlying values of being inexpensive, convenient, consistent, familiar and even nostalgic for many. 

With the right marketing tools, the art of branding for a specific audience becomes a lot easier to understand. 

What is the Key to Finding a Cannabis Buyer Persona?

From eager entrepreneurs who are ready to enter the market to longtime veterans preparing to open a new venture, the possibilities seem endless, but only when standing out among the weeds as an eye-popping flower—one with the right appeal of mission, messaging, growth plan and products—to really connect with consumers. That’s easier said than done. 

Part of being a successful cannabis brand comes down to knowing your audience like an old friend and being empathetic to their journey. Understanding exactly what experience consumers want to have with a product or service, as well as exactly what pain points they have experienced or want to avoid, are paramount to solving issues before they occur and refining products and services so they will actually sell. This all starts with devising an in-depth marketing persona that defines who your ideal customer is, as well as those you’d like to make aware of your business. 

First, think of the ideal audience for your company, then do some research into who your audience may be based on factors such as needs, wants, demographics, location, price point, previous sales and behavior. From there, painting a descriptive picture of both ideal customers and those who would be great to reach is easy. Of course, tapping into the psyche of your customer is complicated and requires real fluency in cannabis. 

How Can Fluent Marketing Help My Cannabis Brand?

Cannabis has a language all its own. And fluency speaks to understanding the complexity of not only the plant itself, but the entire multibillion dollar industry it has created. Without a real on-the-ground understanding of cannabis and all the processes that go into cultivating it, turning it into a variety of different products and the science behind all of it, everything will get lost in translation. 

The truth is, when it comes to entering or thriving in the fast-paced world of cannabis, one of the most important things any brand or company can have is help pushing forward, and scaling their business with agility. Those who are fluent in cannabis have a distinct advantage over others when it comes to jumping in and lending a hand. 

What Do Cannabis Marketing Experts Have to Say?

It’s critical for a marketing agency to have an established connection to the media industry. And Grasslands founder Ricardo Baca has a connection that’s as deep as it gets, along with a singular perspective on the cannabis industry itself. 

In addition to more than 20 years of journalism experience, he holds the title of the world’s first marijuana editor-in-chief. He oversaw coverage of historic legal cannabis sales and a changing culture for The Cannabist, an award-winning online vertical that he created and ran for The Denver Post, Colorado’s largest news organization. 

This means most of his waking moments in the past decade have been dedicated to becoming ever more fluent in cannabis. Because no matter how much expertise one can gather over days, years or a lifetime, this industry keeps changing and evolving. 

Working with an agency partner that isn’t actively staying up with cannabis—or trying to market it just like any other industry—is a risky challenge. As Ricardo explains, the journey to success starts with speaking the language, knowing what’s next on the itinerary and using a strategic map to reach the next destination. 

Does Your Marketing Agency Have Cannabis Fluency?

Beyond utilizing the right strategies to amplify your brand, finding a cannabis-fluent agency that can enact the complex tools and methods detailed here is essential to standing out and growing into a national household brand. Are you ready to market your business for the better? At Grasslands, we love to talk shop. Reach out anytime.