Grasslands Cannabis Concentrates in 2021: Trend Report

Cannabis concentrate being poured into a glass

Cannabis flower (a.k.a. bud) has been concentrated and ingested for centuries—from hashish, the early compressed form of cannabis that spread through Central Asia and the Middle East pre-1100s, to the cannabis-based tinctures that lined U.S. corner store shelves in the 1910s. While already an intoxicating plant on its own, cannacurious consumers have long invented, experimented and passed along ways to amplify the effects of the cannabis plant, for both medical use and recreational enjoyment.

In 2021, we are living in one of the most culturally and politically cannabis-friendly climates in history, with governing bodies moving toward national legalization. While cannabis flower is the bestseller in most legal markets, cannabis concentrates are gaining traction fast, offering producers a way to tweak the cannabis experience, adjusting flavors and potency to better fit the desired experience of cannabis consumers. According to Marijuana Venture Magazine, data from 2019 industry sales found flower still held the largest market share at 37%, but vapes (32%), edibles (13%) and extracts (10%) took up the next three spots—and if we add together the two concentrate-centric categories, including vapes and extracts, we see that those combined outsold cannabis flower.

In Grasslands’ First Annual Concentrates Trend Report, industry-leading experts and pioneers of the legal cannabis market break down the industry-shaping product decisions consumers and industry stakeholders will make in the coming year. These experts and trendsetters share their predictions for the concentrates category on:

  • Scientific advancements that elevate and transform ancient hash-making techniques
  • Health-conscious consumption methods and purchasing trends
  • Pandemic-inspired shifts among long-held social mores
  • Cannabis concentrate-infused beverages sweeping the wellness world
  • Vaping consumer preferences for enhanced flavor and new tech
  • The driving demand for premium concentrates

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