What we do

Grasslands is a content agency serving businesses and individuals in the cannabis and hemp industries.

We work with you to make sure your brand’s messaging and public presence represent the quality of your products — and that they’re faithful to your overall vision. We also ensure your business and its successes are seen and understood by customers, influencers and media professionals.

Our team of communications veterans are capital-E Experienced in journalism, marketing, copywriting and publicity.

Just a few of our specialties:

• Content writing and ghostwriting

• Video and photography projects

• SEO-minded content marketing campaigns

• Social media development / maintenance

• Anything that informs the world about the dynamic work you and your team are producing

Real talk: Have you been thinking about creating a more meaningful relationship with the media? About creating smart, social media-savvy video content that will resonate with your customers? About refreshing your website, cleaning up the writing, art direction and navigation your customers see thousands of times a day? About placing op-eds in targeted publications, and making sure those pieces shine with timeliness and authority? About having a professional write that important speech for your next big keynote or conference? About rebranding your business entirely, preparing it for the monumental growth ahead?

If any of that sounds familiar, we should talk. (Also, no judgment: It’s easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day that you lose track of how customers are actually interacting with and experiencing your brand.)

Grasslands is a creative network of publicity, journalism and marketing professionals who know cannabis. The collective is fronted by veteran journalist and Grasslands founder Ricardo Baca, who started industry-leading news site The Cannabist in 2013 and served as the site’s editor-in-chief until 2017. (Learn more about Ricardo here.)

Gripping narratives. Professional presentation. Expert advice. And a strategy that understands cannabis’ past, present and flowering future.

Welcome to Grasslands.