What is Cannabis Content Marketing?

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What is Cannabis Content Marketing?

In the ever-growing cannabis industry, dozens of new brands and products come to market every single day, but consumers only have so much attention to give.

So what’s the best way to connect with customers in a meaningful way? Cannabis content marketing uses a combination of gripping articles, SEO best practices and trendsetting to help businesses and brands of all sizes stand out in a saturated, fiercely competitive industry that shows no signs of slowing down for years to come.

The Booming Cannabis Marketplace

By now, you’re familiar with the numbers and market forecasts. Big dollar signs with zeros trailing after that continue to show the meteoric rise of cannabis as an in-demand commodity. Because what started out on a shaky path in the United States a decade ago is now projected to become a nationwide $41.5 billion industry by 2025, leaving craft beer and other product categories in the dust.

Of course, all this sounds really good for cannabusiness. But with this boom comes some very stiff competition in an all-too aggressive market. With so many new states launching legal marketplaces, businesses are popping up like dandelions without much direction. 

For eager entrepreneurs who are leaping in, to longtime veterans expanding their operations, the possibilities for reaching consumers seem endless. But success comes when standing out among the weeds as an eye-popping flower—one with the right appeal of mission, messaging, growth plan and products. That’s easier said than done. 

How Do Advertising Rules Affect Cannabis? 

With all this talk about pending legalization and the freedom that’s coming to plant-lovers everywhere, it’s easy to gloss over one very important detail: Cannabis is currently still illegal on the federal level, which means many national advertisers and advertising platforms aren’t willing to promote THC products out of fear of drawing the watchful eye of Uncle Sam. State-level advertisers are about the same. 

What all this means is that trying to market cannabis can be a real headache. Compared to the average American business, with its lightly regulated products and messaging, many cannabis businesses aren’t allowed to have their products shown or openly talked about on many of the most viable marketing and advertising channels, including traditional media all the way up to Google and Facebook. 

Many plant-touching businesses (which are defined as cultivating, extracting and dispensing cannabis) and ancillary businesses in the cannabis space have been put under the scrutiny of the federal spyglass and basically have been forced back to the streets to promote products that, as of now, a growing niche of consumers rely on, instead of an audience of millions. 

This clampdown on advertising options means cannabis content marketing is the only real way for budding businesses and new entrants into the industry to draw in not only the right audiences, but to connect with potential customers in a meaningful way. 

The Power of Credible Cannabis Content Marketing

Effective content marketing in the cannabis space starts with capitalizing on useful, compelling content that is not only trending, but meets Google’s main desire to point search users to content that shows “expertise,” “authoritativeness” and “trustworthiness”—otherwise known as EAT. 

Just as this text is being sourced here, SEM Rush defines EAT as content that must be informative and answer questions through authentic, factual information. No more link farms or spammy blog trash reading, just easy-to-comprehend text and knowledgeable videos from experts in the field. This plays right into SEO too. 

Why is SEO so Important? 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the 10,000-foot picture of Content Marketing. By using the right search-term keywords throughout content, from a blog’s meta description to the header titles, to the last paragraph, Google is able to crawl and index the right information from the page to deliver to search users.

Through this, companies have the best chance to own space on the internet while gaining a dedicated following of customers. Using an informative and authentic approach, the best cannabis content marketing clusters together pieces of content using keywords and tidbits of knowledge that guide searchers to the information and quick answers they’re looking for, and appease the Google gods that rank the content on the search-results page. (They EAT it up, so to speak.) 

What Are Essential Content Marketing Services?

However, SEO isn’t the only value-add to good content marketing. There are a variety of mediums and styles that keep audiences engaged and coming back to certain sites for not just information, but entertainment. And those return visits help a business build credibility and better search-result rankings, and the cycle continues. 

Some core Cannabis Content Marketing services include:

  • Long-form blogs
  • How-to guides
  • Feature profiles
  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Social media posts

Of course, these services can’t thrive without appeal. When things get good, they have the power to draw in audiences with a few words that present a promise of invaluable info-tainment that’s worth taking the time to consume. This means including: 

  • Thumb-stopping headlines
  • Need-to-know facts 
  • Big industry announcements 
  • Bleeding-edge product news
  • Smart thought leadership
  • Influencer input

Connect With the Right Cannabis Marketing Agency

Within the wide world of cannabis and the land of content marketing it encompasses, finding the right agency to build everything from a content strategy to strategic blogs is the next step toward standing out. Are you ready to market your business for the better? 

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