How Taking a Page from the PR Playbook is Helping My Home Garden

Turns out the principles of PR strategy are good for growing business—and vegetables.

Author: Aleta Labak
Job Title: Content Editor

Gardening in Colorado isn’t for the faint of heart. There are a number of things standing in the way of a bountiful harvest: unpredictable weather, blistering high-altitude sun and different insect outbreaks throughout the all-too-brief growing season. 

It’s just like working for a full-service communications agency. I’m serious. 

Developing a plan and staying organized helps to build on previous success, and to adapt when things aren’t working out as anticipated. Here’s a look at how Grasslands’ cannabis PR strategy and strategic thinking is working into my garden so far this year:

Preseason: Set Goals

In February and March, I laid out two goals: 1) improve the soil, and 2) grow lots of tomatoes, beets and beans. Gardening is all about achievable goals—there are too many things out of your control that will break your heart if you let them.  

Last year was a challenging one for me—which is hilarious to think of, because 2020. Anyway, last year, I moved to western Colorado, didn’t start my garden until late May, and things were new and different: climate, elevation, crappy soil (alkaline clay), weeds and insects. My first garden was sad, with a few $40 tomatoes and many lessons learned.

I added a boatload of leaves and some topsoil to the garden bed by early April. Goal No. 1, achieved. I also reorganized my boxes of seed packets. 

Active Season: Keep Organized 

In April through June, I’ve been documenting the garden’s growth. I try to remember to take a photo (or two) when I reseed. 

Reseeding is part of my strategy for succession planting, so I don’t end up with 30 pounds of beets all ready to harvest at the same time. I’d rather make pickled beets in batches. Ditto on the beans; I’m on my fifth succession planting

So far, about 85% of every bean planting has been eaten by … something. Time to experiment. Next time I do succession planting, I’m going to put out some traps with soy sauce and oil to see if they catch anything.   

PR strategy


Postseason: Review Successes, Learn from Failures

When the season is over after the killing frost in October, it’s time to take a breath. On a cold day when the days are short and the nights are long, I hope to get out some chips and homemade garden salsa, and go through my notes and photos from the year. 

I’m also setting a goal for 2021 to grow my own tomatoes and peppers from seed. I tried it once years ago and failed miserably. But never give up, right?

As our client Rick Batenburg III of Cliintel Capital Management Group told Green Entrepreneur recently, “Success is getting up one more time.” 

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